20/20 Superlatives


Thank you for joining us for the Omni Visions Annual ESOP Meeting yesterday. As memories of  the 24 cakes (and 24 sugar comas) fade, it was a treat for us to relive some of our best moments.

We know you’re competitive people, so let’s get down to it. The list of Omni 20/20 Tour Superlatives is as follows:

Best Cake Award
STATESVILLE, NC  for the locally made marble cake and for the brave people who served it

Hospitality Award
ATLANTA, GA for the grits, bacon, and the genuine southern hospitality

Spirit Award
JACKSON, TN for the O-M-N-I cheerleaders and for the water-glass-shattering screams


Best incorporation of the 20/20 Tour Theme
LAWRENCEBURG, TN for the “Focused on the Future,” blue and green cake

Best Venue
JONESBOROUGH, TN for the International Story Telling Center and its excellent acoustics

Best Decorations
CHATTANOOGA, TN for streamer art and for the guiding principle posters

Biggest Crowd
KNOXVILLE, TN for the 85 in (fast friends from different divisions) in attendance

Disclaimer: Because of the excellent job you do each day, and because you do so according to the Omni values, you’re all winners.

Again, thank you for all of the sweet memories!



DSC_0002   DSC_0009 

Based on our blog, it would be easy to assume that it is all about the cake. Truth is, we might have joked a couple times that it was! As we head home from our last stop in Martin, though, we want to set the record straight. It is all about the people.

We called one or two weeks ahead of time and told you to expect a nine passenger van from the home office. Be prepared for a short video, and pick up a cake. You took those very simple instructions and ran with them.

Thank for welcoming us into your homes, hometown haunts, hotels — and your re-purposed malls — over the past month. Thank you x 2 for the hard work you do every day. We could not have pulled this off without our amazing office managers and regional directors. If we’re all rowing this boat together, we’re glad to have such great people on board!




We love visiting Paducah, but don’t get here enough. In fact, we had so much to catch up on, we are thirty minutes late leaving for our next stop.


It is possible…

That we are just dragging out these last two stops, because we have so enjoyed our trip and each other’s company.

It is also possible…

That after 16 cities and 24 cakes, we have lost our minds. We’re coming for you, Martin, TN!



If you ever find yourself in Madisonville, KY, stop by Brother’s BBQ.

We set out on Omni 20/20 with a goal of shaking the hand of each of our 1,300 dedicated employees.

We were welcomed in Madisonville by the owner of Brother’s BBQ, an adult foster parent who is currently in training to be a children’s foster parent. After 15 cities, It was truly special to hear about the great work Omni is doing directly from a family on the front lines.

Shaking his hand was an added 20/20 bonus.

Thank you to our great Madisonville Team. As we heard today, you’re there when you’re families need you — and even when they don’t — to lend a hand.


Oh, and then there’s cake!


No one can argue with Chick-fil-a Chick-n-minis… Not even notoriously picky eater Janice Dail, who we kid you not referred to salad dressing as “salad sauce” this morning. #saladsauce

DSC_0003   DSC_0015

Clarksville received three honorable mentions:

One for this intriguing grey/ blue cake
One for reading the blog and actually posing for pictures (!!!)
One for being the liveliest crowd on this leg of the trip (so far)

DSC_0058   DSC_0071   



OK, we couldn’t exactly go to North Carolina, but we did the next best thing today — cut cake with Carolina!


Goldsboro, North Carolina


Raleigh, North Carolina


Statesville, North Carolina

(To Shane’s delight) the North Carolina family all gathered ’round the ole Poly Comm today.

We imagine this is what it feels like to tape an episode of “Oprah’s Favorite Things.”

The enthusiasm definitely carried across the miles. Unfortunately the butter cream frosting did not…