Columbia #2


We so enjoyed our time in the “Mule Capital of the World,” today. So much so that, in the spirit of these stubborn creatures, we all had one… last… slice… of cake.




We did the math. Lawrenceburg marked our 20th cake in two weeks. Want to know how exciting our news is? Eric got the surprise of his life when noisemakers, goose calls according to Steve, went off in celebration.


Evidenced by the balloons, streamers, PowerPoint graphics, the NOISEMAKERS and the dually decked-out cake, Teresa Pace and team were ready for us!



Eric was tired of sitting the sidelines! Add cake cutting to his long list of talents (which includes kitchen remodeling and janitorial work, among others).


When we say the average age of an Omni employee is about 31, we’re not kidding! We had a large group of young DSPs in attendance this morning — all extremely encouraged by the news.

Even more encouraging was the sight of Aimee Janzen working on payroll in the corner (wink, wink).


1 - cake -use

As the smell of Salisbury Steak wafted from the TASK kitchen, as the need for a cake-induced sugar spike increased, as the day shift turned to night — we met one last time in Lebanon. Brutal, right? Maybe at some other company!

We had a great second meeting in Lebanon. It was especially interesting to hear from our teachers. We understand what you’re saying and will continue to work to make sure students have the tools necessary to succeed at every level.

Thank you all for sticking with us tonight. We hope this news will make your long, hard days just a little bit easier!

l - eric - use



As if Cookeville wasn’t quirky enough with Ellie the Elephant…


Joe (yes, we found him) and Jim Pedigo chimed in during our stop to share news about their programs. All we heard was, “Jobs, jobs, jobs.”


It was nice to share in the excitement with some of our most tenured employees. We also had two, brand-new employees sit in the front row (without prompting). Y’all should take notes!

sitting round 


Apparently Lebanon is reading the blog… this morning’s meeting was held in a kitchen!


Residential treatment specialist and local celebrity, Sean Kennedy pointed out that the TASK kitchen is the heart of the residential treatment facility — which we agreed is true of any home.


Thank you to the TASK students for volunteering to help with setup and decor. Thank you to the TASK staff for welcoming us into your home this morning!

The snacks were good, the cake was great and the company was even better.